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Written by sheetal39 / Daily Life / November 3, 2017

Hi! I am Anderson from Nicosia, Cyprus. I am five year old nowadays and always staying with my Mom. My mom always love me and playing with me. She always take care of me and I too her.

One day, we both are playing. While playing, I did something wrong and hurt my mother. Suddenly, my mom scolds me loudly and I got shocked. Then I replied to her, give my all kisses, hugs, laps with you etc… back to me. But my mom didn’t replied any word on that time. She again hugged me tightly and go forward to her homework that she did as usual in daily life.

After few days, I got reply from her regarding my demands that I appealed to her. She writes a letter by herself for me and write:

My love Anderson, few days back you asked me something like your kisses, hugs, and many other things. But I didn’t replied to you on that time because you was aggressive on that time, that’s why. Now today I am able to reply your answer. So tell me what about me when I was pregnant before giving you birth in this Universe. On that time, I suffered a lots of troubles for your birth. But still I hoped you are safe and healthy my kid. And I did everything what was beneficial for your good health and I did. So you stay stable and get healthy always.

After your birth, sometimes you did bed wetting and I still makes your sleep comfortable buy replaced myself with you. And many other things like my kisses, hugs, cuddling with me, etc….

Still I have no words how much I care you and love you my son. Again I didn’t expect anything from your side until death because I love you my Boy, “Anderson”!

After reading these words, I cried and felt guilty. And went to my mother, hug her tightly and kiss her so many and still asked her sorry for everything.



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